Best medical uses of CBD

1. Reduction of pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism Joint diseases can have two causes. On the one hand, because of the natural wear and the consequent inflammation, as in the case of osteoarthritis or arthrosis; on the other hand, they may be caused by an autoimmune disease or infection,…

Medical cannabis: intoxication on prescription?

The law amending narcotics and other regulations should make things much easier for physicians and patients. First and foremost, it should enable severely ill patients with easy access to medical cannabis products. Since the entry into force of the law on 10 March 2017, a good half year has now…

The (Health) Benefits of Cannabis

Medical benefits & health advice by marijuana experts given below are all verified facts, we all have heard of the medical benefits of cannabis, but are they justified? We look at ailments like chronic pain, epilepsy & more. We therefore have set up a platform where people will know health…

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